H20 Beams

Dear partners,
MIP group ltd. supply directly with H20 beams for Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia. We make direct reexports for Europe. Delivery is made by trucks. We supply partners in Turkey and Middle East. For overseas points we make 40HQ delivery. Feel free to contact us so to give you best offers.

The quality of our products is under strict control. All the machines are working automatically. All of our products have passed the test and all the physical data meets the strict DIN1045 standard. We shall send you test reports as soon as we get your inquiry. (Most of the test results are much higher than the standard.)

H20 wooden beams are main shuttering element in construction. You can use mainly for horizontal but vertical shuttering too. Extreme strength and loadability, stability and non-deformability are their main characteristic features. Produced mainly by pine dried wood. The H20 beams are water resistant and their surface is covered by synthetic resin that prevents the material from bad climatic conditions and hard conditions of work in construction. The size of every beam H20 is between 2,5 and 6,0 meters.


Height: 0.2 m
М=5.0 kN/m
Q=11,0 kN
Core body: Birch
Weight per meter: 5.5 Kg
Origin: Russia


Length (m) Weight (kg)
2,50 13.75
2,90 15.95
3.00 16.50
3.30 18.15
3.60 19.80
3.90 21.45
4.50 24.75
5.00 27.50
6.00 33.00

Technical characteristics

Made in Russia
Main body: birch plywood, wide 24 mm
Outer body: pine wood
Moisture not more than 15%
Glue: Kiilto (Finland)
Paint: yellow
Pressure: 450Kg/l.m.
Package: 50 pieces in a pallet.
Weight: 4,7kg./l.meter.
Width: 75mm
Height: 200mm


Multy time usage
Perfect ratio price/quality/times of usage
Very easy to stock and resistant of climate changes


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