Film faced plywood producer and wholesaler

Film faced plywood MEGAPLEX

Megaplex is a very high quality film faced plywood. It is produced under MEGAPLEX logo for our company only.

Film faced plywood

Our Logo is SUNPLY. SUNPLY is very good option for chiep film faced plywood.

Steel props

European and Chinese steel props. High quality products, different types and sizes.

H2O Beams

Wooden H20 beams. European and Russian origin. A grade. Fast delivery terms.

Advantages of the film faced plywood

Suitable for reuse

Maximum efficiency

High water resistance

Easy maintenance

Phenolic glue number one in the world

MIP GROUP, 14 years import and sale of film faced plywood

MIP Group Ltd is a Bulgarian company, direct importer and wholesaler of film faced plywood (construction, waterproof plywood) since 2006. Our company`s headquarters and main storage center is situated in Sofia. We also have a depot for wholesale orders in Varna. Offering reasonable prices for transport, we can arrange deliveries of plywood for the whole country and export to third countries. We make regular exports to Romania, Macedonia, Serbia.

Quite recently our company works in cooperation with film faced plywood factory in Bulgaria. We have also established partnerships with other producers in Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Brazil.

Latest news

Increasing prices of Film Face Plywood

Prices of imported Film Faced Plywood has been incresing a lot since end of 2017. Till now price increased with 40-50 USD. China government has anti pollution programme for clearing the poluted air, especially in Shandong - the plywood province. So many factories for...

New web platform of MIP Group Ltd.

We are glad to introduce to you our new company web side. You can get better to our company products and read detailed information for film faced plywood, H20 beams and steal props we offer. Contact with us by email or mobile for any questions.

Internal and external transport

Tips for use

Choose the correct and most suitable film faced plywood


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